Asbestos materials are often best left alone if in good condition and unlikely to get damaged.

Worried about asbestos

If you're worried there may be asbestos in your home, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) explains what to look out for.

Home asbestos advice from HSE

Removing asbestos

We do not remove, sample or analyse asbestos.

You should:

  • Speak to your landlord if you live in rented accommodation
  • Find specialist asbestos removal contractors by searching online
  • Use the correct protective equipment and follow safe working practices if you choose to remove asbestos materials yourself

Removing asbestos advice from HSEs

Throwing away asbestos

Asbestos is hazardous waste and must not be mixed with household waste. 

Do not put asbestos in your wheelie bin.

Report fly-tipped asbestos

Do not touch or attempt to remove fly-tipped asbestos yourself.

Please report it to us and we'll clear it away as soon as possible.