Contaminated land

Register of contaminated land

We're required to maintain a public register of sites determined as contaminated land. The register is intended as a complete record of all the action we take to identify and reverse the environmental damage of contaminated land.

The register is held at the Environmental Health and Licensing Service. Please get in touch using the details on this page if you wish to see the documents associated with the sites listed below.

Name Location Grid reference Date added to register Reference
Former Boo Hole Landfill Site Between Bury New Road and Bury Old Road, Heywood SD x3836 y4106 6 April 2009 LF11
Bay Street Allotments Opposite Bay and Ash Street, Heywood SD x384882 y411326 22 November 2010 CL021
Pleasant View Allotments Behind 31–51 Peel Lane, Heywood SD x384879 y411157 20 June 2012 CL021