Busking and street performing licence

Licence name
Busking and street performing licence

Everyone is welcome to busk on public land in Rochdale borough.

Report a busker or street performer causing a nuisance

If a busker or street performer is causing a nuisance:

  1. If you're happy to do so, please approach the busker and politely explain they're causing a disturbance. Buskers are usually unaware they're causing a problem. Most buskers will be glad to do what they can to reduce the noise or move if they're blocking a path.
  2. If the street performer or busker is still causing an issue, you can:
Do I need a licence?

You don't need a licence for busking and street performing in Rochdale borough. 


Conditions to meet

Guidance for busking and street performing

When busking in Rochdale borough, you must keep to the following guidance. You should:

  • Play at a reasonable volume so you can't be heard over 50 metres away.
  • Not obstruct roads, paths or access to shops and cash machines.
  • Only perform between 10am–10pm. Even during these hours, you should stop playing if you're asked to do so by local residents or businesses.
  • Move to a new location, at least 50 metres away, every 60 minutes and not return to the same location within the same 24 hours.
  • Not use amplification or drums when performing as they create lots of noise and complaints.
  • Not actively collect money or ask for money by using a sign or any other means. You're allowed to have a receptacle, such as a hat, music case or box for the acceptance of donations from the public.
  • Not perform in a way that could be considered dangerous or inappropriate or in a way likely to cause alarm, distress or offence.
  • Not make use of street furniture. This includes not putting up posters or adverts on street furniture.
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