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Taxi and taxi driver complaints

If you've had problems with a taxi or taxi driver in Rochdale borough, you may be able to report this to us.

In an emergency, call 999

Does it feel like the situation could get heated or violent very soon? Is someone in immediate danger? Do you need support right away?

If your report is about a crime in progress or if it's an emergency, call 999 as soon as possible.

What you can and can't report

You can only report problems to us about taxis licensed by Rochdale Borough Council. For vehicles licensed outside the borough, you'll need to contact the relevant local authority.

You can report any of the following issues with drivers and vehicles to us:

  • Dishonest, abusive, discriminatory or inappropriate behaviour
  • Safety and cleanliness of vehicles
  • Journey routes or refusing to hire
  • Overcharging the fare
  • Traffic offences, such as using a phone while driving, dangerous driving or speeding. However, please report this to the police first. You can report road traffic offences to the police online.

You'll need to report any complaints relating to poor customer service directly to the driver or private hire company, not to us.

How to report a taxi or taxi driver issue

You can report issues with taxis and taxi drivers online. This includes issues with Hackney Carriages, black cabs and private hire vehicles.

Report a taxi or taxi driver issue online

After you report an issue

Once you've reported an issue to us:

  • We'll consider all the evidence to determine any further action. If we need more information, we'll get in touch with you.
  • We may need to disclose details of your report, but not your personal information, to the driver or operator you've reported.
  • If your report ends up in court, we'll need witness statements from everyone present during the incident. If you do not want to complete a witness statement, we won't be able to progress this in court and we'll deal with your report in a less formal manner instead.