Wheelchair accessible taxis

There are a number of wheelchair accessible taxis in Rochdale borough.

Council owned wheelchair accessible taxis

You can call the drivers on the list below to book a journey in a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Drivers should be able to help you:

  • Get in or out of the taxi
  • Load your bags or luggage onto the vehicle
  • Get in or out of your wheelchair if needed

We aim to keep this list up to date.

​Location Ramp location Driver Phone number ​Plate number
Rochdale Side ramp Mohammed Mahboob 07955 424232 HV0101
​Rochdale ​Side ramp Mazhar Hussain 07403 497392 ​HV0103
​Rochdale ​Side ramp Mohammed Razaq
Zafar Iqbal
07976 282730
07976 501014
​Rochdale ​​Side ramp Ishtiaq Ahmed 07974 469172 ​HV0106
Rochdale Rear ramp Irshad Ahmed Khan 07791 695494 HV0107
​Rochdale ​Rear ramp

Rochdale Town Taxi
Mohammed Tariq

01706 750850
07445 241038
​Rochdale ​Side ramp Mohammed Zamir
Mohammed Khalid

07401 868464
07790 657556

​Rochdale ​Rear ramp Manzoor Ali 07850 274561 ​HV0114
​Rochdale ​Rear ramp Salamat Ali 07399 493630 ​HV0115
​Rochdale ​​Side ramp Shafaq Khan 07977 378795 ​HV0116
​Rochdale ​Side ramp Mahmood Ahmed
Omar Latif
07835 248314
07583 357357
​Rochdale ​Rear ramp Manzoor Hussain
Raja Majid Khan
07813 361528
07779 038430
​Rochdale ​Side ramp Fazal Hussain 07710 750118 ​HV0121
​Rochdale ​Side ramp ​Mohammed Razaq 07527 222200 ​HV0123
​Rochdale ​Rear ramp Mohammed Nahid 07515 789246 ​HV0127
​Rochdale ​Rear ramp Mohammed Razaq
Mohammed Zamir
07527 222200
07401 868464
​Rochdale ​Rear ramp Mohammed Janghir
Jamil Mohammed
07397 540666
07791 032765
​Rochdale and Middleton ​Side ramp ​Syed Abbas Haider
Shah Shafait Hussain
​07497 512345 
07878 716984
​Rochdale and Middleton ​Side ramp ​Mohammed Arif
Abdul Salam
07479 967859
07939 548080
​Rochdale and Middleton ​Side ramp Mohammed Bashir 07857 118345 ​​HV0120
​Middleton ​Side ramp ​Philip Burrows
Herbert Burrows
07989 965156 ​HV0100
​Middleton ​Side ramp ​Syed Abbas Shah
Hussain Shafait
074975 12345
078787 16984
​Middleton ​Side ramp ​Mohammed Bashir
Mohammed Saghir
01706 759315
07747 788882
​Middleton ​Side ramp ​Rita Burrows
Herbert Burrows
07929 625314
07802 775127
​Middleton ​Rear ramp ​Arshad Hafeez ​07971 871719 ​HV0130

Wheelchair accessible taxis not owned by the council

You can also call the drivers on the list below to book a journey in a wheelchair accessible taxi which is not owned by the council.

We aim to keep this list up to date.

Driver Telephone number Plate number
Muhannad Faizan Farooq 07936 327861 HV0042
Mohammed Razaq 07527 222200 HV0059
Mohammed Yaqub 07859 709545 HV0096
Muhammad Bilal Uber app PV0600
Mohammed Razaq 01706 644104 PV0374
Qasir Mahmood 01706 622000 PV1111
Mohammed Razaq 01706 644104


Kashif Irshad Uber app PV0419

​Report a taxi or taxi driver

If you've had problems with a taxi or taxi driver in Rochdale borough, you may be able to report this to us.

Report a taxi or taxi driver