Truancy and children missing education

If your child is truanting

Sometimes your child will choose not to go to school during term time or will leave school during the day without the school's permission. This is called truancy.

Tell your child's school if you think they're truanting

Please contact your child's school if you think they might be truanting. They can work with you and your child to find out why they aren't attending.

Sometimes, if the school thinks it's necessary, and you're still having trouble getting your child to attend school, they will contact an Education Welfare Officer for more help.

Find your school's contact details

What happens if your child is truanting

In Rochdale borough, we work closely with the police to check up on levels of truancy. Police officers often go out on 'truancy sweeps' where they have the right to stop and challenge school-age children who aren't in school during school hours.

Many truants are accompanied by their parents on a shopping trip or a day out. Children who aren't accompanied may be taken home or back to their school by the police.

Fines and penalties

You can be fined or prosecuted if you don't make sure your child attends school regularly.

If it's proved that you were aware of your child's truancy and didn't do anything about it, the fine will be larger and you may even go to prison.

Reasons why children stop going to school

There can be lots of reasons why a child stops attending school or refuses to go. They may be being bullied or having trouble making friends, or ​they may find the school work difficult.

Whatever the reason, it's very important for you to find the best way to improve their school attendance.