Car boot seller terms and conditions

If you have any doubts over the safety of the goods you wish to sell - don't sell them.

If you sell at a car boot sale it is strongly recommended that you become familiar with the legal implications of doing so.

It's a sad fact that while there are many genuine non-trader sellers and many legitimate traders, there are also many non-legitimate traders who sell at car boot sales under the guise of private individuals, with a view to escaping tax, VAT and their legal and moral obligations to their customers.

Working out whether you're a trader or private individual

Ask yourself whether the goods you are selling are your own personal property.

If they're not and you're buying goods for the express purpose of selling them for a profit, you're very likely to be considered a trader under the law. Also, if you sell at car boot sales on a regular basis, even if it's only once every couple of months, you may be regarded as a trader.

If you employ anyone and/or sell the same type of goods from other venues, such as markets or from home, you're almost certainly a trader in the eyes of the law.

Register as a business

If you regularly trade in second-hand goods you have to register your business premises.

You can get an application form from Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale OL16 1XU.