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In the 2021 Office for National Statistics Census, 19,412 people in the borough identified themselves as providing some amount of unpaid care.

What is a 'carer'?

A carer is someone who cares for another person that couldn't manage without such support because of issues such as mental or physical illness, disability, age or substance misuse problems. Caring for someone covers lots of different things like helping with washing, dressing, eating, taking them to regular appointments or offering emotional support.

The impact of being a carer on health and wellbeing

Caring can have a significant impact on health and the latest GP patient survey found that 3 in 5 carers have a long term health condition, compared to half of non-carers (Carers UK, 2017).

Carers also have specific additional needs including needing breaks from their caring roles, access to services for the cared-for person and themselves, help to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing, help to feel less isolated and additional financial support.

Statistics on carers

Guidance and information on carers