During a flood

Protect your home

Here's how you can keep your home and possessions better protected during a flood.

  • If safe to do so, turn off the electricity, gas and water mains.
  • Try to move as much as possible upstairs or as high as possible, but don't take any risks. Items to try to move upstairs include electrical items, important documents like your insurance policy and sentimental items.
  • Try to move your car to higher ground, if possible. Again, don't take any risks.
  • If you have to be evacuated from your property because of flooding, make sure your premises are secure and don't leave windows open in the hope that it will help to dry out your home.
  • View information about sandbags and other flood protection products.

Remember to take pictures of any damage as your insurance company may want to see it later on. How to deal with your insurance after a flood.