Apply for social housing

Step 1: see if you qualify for social housing

Demand for social housing in the borough of Rochdale is high and more people want social housing than the number of homes available.

Any British citizen or person with a right to reside in the UK can apply for social housing. You can find the criteria for social housing in our Housing Allocation Policy.

Asylum seekers

If you're an asylum seeker, you're not able to apply for social housing.

All accommodation for asylum seekers is provided by private companies under contract by the Home Office. If you're not happy with your accommodation, view asylum seeker and refugee support.

Once you have refugee status, you can apply for social housing.

How we assess applications

​As part of the council's​ Housing Allocations Policy, we use priority bands to compare the needs of customers on our housing register. If you register for rehousing your housing needs will be assessed and given a priority band.

Applicants are shortlisted according to:

  1. The priority band your application has been given
  2. If you currently live within the borough or have a strong local connection
  3. The length of time you've been waiting in a particular priority band

For most of the available accommodation in the borough, housing providers use the council's Housing Allocations Policy to prioritise applicants. However, not all housing providers use the council's policy, so you may not be offered a property if you do not meet the housing provider's own policy.