Register to vote

Who can register

Before 2014, one person in the household was responsible for registering everyone who lived there. Now, each person is responsible for their own registration - this is also known as Individual Electoral Registration.

You can register to vote if you're:

  • 16 or older, although you can't vote until you're 18, and
  • A British citizen, qualifying Commonwealth, Irish or other European Union citizen living in the UK.

You can find more information about registering to vote on The Electoral Commission's website.

Not sure if you need to register?

Please register to vote straight away if any of the following apply to you:

  • You're not already registered
  • You're not sure you're registered
  • You've recently moved home or changed your name

It's better to register twice than not at all - we'll check for any duplicate registrations.

Remember you need to register to vote every time you move home.