Dog fouling

About reporting dog fouling

​​​​​Is dog poo blighting your area? Are the culprits just walking away and ignoring their responsibilities - endangering public health and putting children at risk?

We want to empower local communities to build a strong defence and show the red card to dog fouling in their neighbourhoods.

Report dog fouling in confidence today and we'll try to help you get it sorted.

Report dog fouling

What you can and cannot report

You can tell us about:

  • Dog fouling on any public land, such as roads, parks and town centres.
  • An accumulation of dog poo in an area.
  • One instance of dog poo that hasn't been picked up, if you've evidence of the offender.
  • Repeated instances of dog fouling on private land.

You cannot tell us about individual instances of dog fouling on private land.