Report a stray dog

Before you report

​A stray dog is a dog without its owner or another authorised person in a public place or a place it's not allowed to be.

Before you report a stray dog to us:

  • If the dog is friendly and you're happy to approach it, you can check if it's wearing a collar. Collars usually have the owner's phone number written on the tag.
  • You can then call the owner to let them know you've found their dog.
  • If you're able to get in touch with the owner who says they're coming to get the dog, there's no need to report the dog to us.

What you can and cannot report

You can report any of the following dogs to us:

  • Dogs running around in public with no owner.
  • Dogs left tied up in public with no owner around.
  • Dogs off the lead that are not being controlled by their owner.
  • Dogs let out to exercise by themselves rather than being walked by the owner.

You should not tell us about any of the following: