Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)

How GMCA was created

Central government agreed decisions for our region were best made locally. Greater Manchester Combined Authority was eastablised in April 2011 with this goal - to make decisions about the area locally, rather than in Westminster.

Key changes for Rochdale borough

In 2017, the role of Mayor for Greater Manchester was created and appointed to lead the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

For us, this means:

  • Important decisions previously made in London are now made by GMCA and the Mayor of Greater Manchester.
  • There are more job opportunities for local people within GMCA and the projects they commission.
  • You can vote for who you want to be the Mayor of Greater Manchester, if you live in Greater Manchester and are registered to vote.
  • The Mayor answers to members of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority - which includes us.
  • You have a greater say on spending and decision making which was previously decided by central government.