Have your say about your care

What you think is really important as it should inform almost every decision we make about your care.

You have the opportunity to express your wishes, feelings, concerns, worries, anything you're pleased about, aspirations and more through statutory meetings as well as many voluntary options.

Give your views at a statutory meeting

You've got the chance to have your say about your care during the following statutory meetings:

  • Social work and personal adviser visits
  • Cared for child reviews - these happen at least every 6 months and offer a structured way to discuss every aspect of your care.
  • Independent reviewing officer  - as part of your review you'll have a chance to speak to someone outside of Children's Social Care about your situation.
  • Personal Education Plan meeting - this happens during every school term and gives you a chance to talk about school and your aspirations.
  • Foster carer reviews - as part of this you can provide feedback on the care you're receiving.

Discuss your ideas and opinions

The following groups and clubs aim to give a voice to cared for children and care leavers:

  • The Children's Society - independent support for young people in care aged 7-19. They provide advocates to make sure your voice is heard by your council.
  • Listen Up Group - run jointly with the Children’s Society and meets every month to discuss working to make young people's lives in care better. Talk to your social worker or ring the Children's Society on 01706 345600 for further information.
  • YoungPersons Reference Group - for care leavers aged 18+ to provide feedback on the support they received during and after leaving care, offering an opportunity to improve the service for others. If you're interested talk to your personal adviser.
  • Futures Club - for care leavers aged 16+ to talk about your future aspirations and how to achieve them. If you're interested talk to your personal adviser.


If you've any concerns about the service and support you're receiving then please raise this as soon as possible with your social worker, personal adviser or manager. Hopefully, this will be resolved quickly.

However, if you feel this isn't good enough or you're not able to raise a complaint directly with them, please feedback back to us.