We've started consulting on several proposals and you can now have your say. 

We're still facing huge financial challenges and difficult choices about how to spend your money. In 2020, this has been even harder, and the coronavirus pandemic's impact will continue into 2021/22. Over the past 11 years (2009-2020), we've made £184.4 million of savings against our planned budget.

During 2021-2022, we expect to save £34 million including the pandemic's cost from council budgets. We need to deliver around £7 million of savings to address the pre-pandemic gap, with options and additional government funding being explored. These savings are expected to rise to £25 million, including the pandemic's cost in 2022/23.

After the public consultation, we'll review your feedback and provide details of this to councillors before they make the final decisions at Budget Council on Wednesday, 3 March 2021.

​Your help and ideas are really important to help us save money.