Register a birth

Re-register a birth

Re-registration means making a new record in the birth register. A birth can be re-registered at any time by the natural parents. It can be done at any Register Office in the United Kingdom.

You can re-register a birth to add the father's details to the birth certificate or following the marriage or civil partnership of the natural parents.

Adding the father's details

If your child was originally registered with no father’s details in the entry and you have not married since but you now wish to add them, a new birth record can be made to add the natural father's name and details.

In this case, both parents need to attend the re-registration appointment together. 

Apply to add the natural father's details to a birth certificate using form GRO 185 on GOV.UK

After the parents have married or formed a civil partnership

You are legally required to re-register the birth if you have married the other parent of your child since the birth - even if both parents details were originally entered in the birth register. 

The new entry will show the new status of both you and your child.

Apply to re-register a birth following the marriage or civil partnership of the natural parents using form LA1 on GOV.UK