Help paying for school uniforms

School uniforms including all the extras can be expensive.

Can I get a grant from the council for help with school uniforms?

The council doesn't provide grants for school uniforms, however, there are several things you could consider to help you reduce some of the costs.

What help is available for getting school uniforms?

You may consider the following to reduce some of the costs of getting school uniforms:

  • Speak to your child's school directly - some schools provide help towards school uniform costs or hold sales where you can buy second-hand uniforms. Find your school's contact details
  • Contact your local children's centre - they may have some second-hand school uniforms available. Find details for your local children's centre
  • Search for charitable trust grants - there are a number of charitable trusts offering grants and scholarships to help pay for school supplies, including uniforms. You'll need to meet certain criteria to be eligible. Search for charitable trusts and educational grants
  • Buy generic items - for example, buying skirts, trousers and shirts from supermarkets and high street chain stores. Please check the school uniform policy at your child's school before buying in case generic items aren't allowed.
  • See if you can apply for benefits - you can use benefit payments to help pay for your child's school uniform. View benefits and support available in the borough
  • View our money advice - it may help you save money on school uniforms. Money, debt and benefit advice

Complain about the cost

Each school has its own uniform policy which is decided by the school's governing body.

You can complain directly to your child's school if you're unhappy with the uniform, including how much it costs.

Find your school's contact details to make a complaint