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Request a new bin and check bin entitlement

All bins remain the property of Rochdale Borough Council.

Request a household recycling bin

Complete the form below to request new standard and small recycling bins. You can use the form to request a replacement bin, an additional bin or a smaller bin for: 

  • Cans and bottles recycling - green bin with blue lid
  • Food and garden waste recycling - brown bin
  • Paper and cardboard recycling - blue bin

We aim to deliver your bin within 14 working days from the date of your request. 

Request a FREE recycling bin (opens in a new​ window)

You can complete this task in MyAccount.

You've the option to request a new bin through MyAccount. It's your faster, safer and more flexible way to access your council services. You'll also have an online record to show you've contacted us. MyAccount is your faster, safer and more flexible way to access your council services.

Request a kitchen caddy or brown street caddy

Ring us to request a new or replacement kitchen caddy or brown street caddy.

  • Your silver kitchen caddy is for you to use in your kitchen to dispose of food waste. Food waste can include cooked and uncooked food as well as bones.  
Ring 0300 303 8884 to order a kitchen caddy or brown street caddy

Request a household rubbish bin

If you require a dark green rubbish bin, please call us to discuss your needs as we're encouraging residents to recycle all they can to help reduce the costs of landfill charges.

Replacement rubbish bin: we aim to deliver the same size bin within 14-21 working days from the date of your request. We'll collect the damaged bin at the same time. We no longer charge for replacement bins.  

Additional or smaller rubbish bin: if you would like an additional bin or a smaller bin, a recycling officer will visit you to complete an assessment to establish whether you're eligible. If you qualify they'll leave the bin on the same day. We aim to complete your request within 3 weeks. 

Ring 0300 303 8884 to request a FREE dark green rubbish bin

Bin charges for new build properties

Recycling and refuse bins are free of charge unless they're for a new build property where the builder or developer will cover the cost of the new suite of bins.

You can view the prices for the whole suite of new bins including delivery below.

Type of property Prices ​from 1 April 2019 - 31 March 2020 (not including VAT)
​Properties without a garden ​£122.50
​Properties with a small garden ​£146
​Properties with a garden​£152

If you're not sure what type of property your development is, for example if you're not sure if the property has a small garden, please ring us using the contact details on this page to discuss which bins your new build property needs.

Ring 0300 303 8884 to order a new suite of bins if you're a builder or developer

Types of bins

  • Rubbish bin for general waste - dark green
  • Recycle bin for cans, plastic and glass bottles - green bin with blue lid
  • Recycle bin for paper and cardboard - blue bin
  • Recycle bin for food and garden waste - brown bin
  • Food waste - brown street caddy
  • Kitchen food waste - silver kitchen caddy

Your bin entitlement

The number of residents in your property will determine the size and number of the bins you're entitled to.

Number of residentsYour bin entitlement for each type of bin
1 to 5240 litre bin
6 to 9240 litre bin and 140 litre bin (or 360 litre bin on request)
10 or moreTwo 240 litre bins

There are some exceptions.

  • 1 bedroom and studio flats are supplied with a 140 litre dark green rubbish bin, but we can consider a 240 litre bin if required.
  • Properties with larger families and sheltered accommodation are considered on an individual basis.
  • If you have additional requirements for medical waste, or a large number of small children, we will consider your request for an additional dark green general waste bin on an individual basis, for a fixed term, which we'll review regularly.
  • If you consistently exceed the capacity of your recycling bins, please let us know and we can look to provide an extra recycling bin free of charge.

Please note: If you request an additional dark green rubbish bin, we'll undertake an assessment to help ensure you are recycling everything you can.

The different types of bins

Get FREE additional compostable bags

We provide FREE additional rolls of compostable bags for your silver kitchen caddy. Find out what you need to do or where you can pick additional bags up from.

How to get FREE compostable bags


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