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Disabled parking bays for Blue Badge holders

​If you're a Blue Badge holder, you can apply for a disabled parking bay or a permit only parking bay or use an existing bay, if one exists.

Disabled parking bays

Disabled parking bay in Rochdale borough. You can no longer apply for a new disabled parking bay to be installed.

However, there are a number of existing disabled parking bays across the borough which you can use, if you're a Blue Badge holder. They're usually marked with white lines with the word 'DISABLED' written next to it.

Disabled parking bays aren't private parking spaces. They can be used by any driver displaying a valid Blue Badge.

Permit only parking bays

Permit only parking bay in Rochdale borough. Permit parking bays are bays you can apply to have outside your house and only those with a permit can park there.

They're usually around 6.6 metres long and 3.6 metres wide. We mark the bay in white lines and place a sign next to the bay which says 'Permit holders only'.

Permit holders only sign. If you apply for a permit only parking bay, you'll have a private parking space. We'll give you one permit and only a car displaying the permit will be able to park in the bay.

How to apply for a permit only parking bay

To apply for a permit parking bay:

  1. Have your Blue Badge number and your vehicle registration document number ready.
  2. Ring us using the details on this page.
  3. An engineer will then visit the area where you'd like your parking bay to go. They'll decide if it's safe to install the bay.
  4. We'll contact you to let you know our decision. If it's safe, you'll have to pay £150 for us to install the bay and provide you with a permit which lasts one year. You'll need to pay £150 every year to renew your permit.
  5. Once you've paid, we'll install the bay within 12-18 months.
Ring 0300 303 8879 to apply for a permit only parking bay outside your home

Who can apply for a permit only parking bay?

You can apply for a permit parking bay if you meet all of the following criteria. You've:

  • A valid Blue Badge.
  • A vehicle registered at your address, either in your name or in the name of someone else you live with.
  • No off-street parking available, for example a drive or a garage.

Where can a permit only parking bay be placed?

We can only put parking bays:

  • Outside your own home, not a friend's home, relatives home or where you work.
  • On public roads.
  • A safe distance from a junction, for example not opposite or within 10 metres of the junction.
  • Where it won't cause a hazard to other road users.
  • Where there are no parking restrictions in place, such as a clearway or a no stopping area.


0300 303 8879

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