Resident parking permits

About resident parking permits

A Resident Parking Permit Scheme allows you to park close to your home by restricting the parking of vehicles by non-residents. Having a permit does not guarantee that you can park directly outside your house.

All the schemes are enforced by our Civil Enforcement Officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless stated otherwise on the signs within the location.

Number of permits you're allowed

Each eligible household is entitled to 2 permits:

  • One resident's permit which can only be used for one registered vehicle
  • One visitor's permit which can be used by any other vehicle as long as the permit is properly displayed

If a tradesperson or contractor is working at your property, they can borrow your permit.

Using your permit

The permit should:

  • Be clearly displayed in your vehicle while parked in the scheme area.
  • Be current and valid.
  • Only be used at the scheme application address.