Website performance

About this website's performance

​​Our web statistics represent the access and usage records for our domain using Google Analytics.

Reliable performance is important to encourage and maintain the usage of quality web-based services.

2023 website visitor statistics

The following table only shows a snapshot of website usage. It displays data from 'consenting users', which means these users have chosen to accept cookies when using the website. 

2023 Unique visitors Total visits Pageviews Average pageviews Time on site (minutes:seconds) Visitors viewing more than 1 page
January 57,071 102,151 321,287 3.15 2.07 51.5%
February 47,779 88,155 278,075 3.15 2.07 51.4%
March 59,319 112,929 371,158 3.29 2.18 53.8%
April 51,616 95,369 291,762 3.06 2.08 50.17%
May 52,617 96,699 288,091 2.98 2.03 49.17%

This is what each statistic means:

  • Unique visitor​s: this figure represents the number of distinct hosts served from the Internet.
  • Total visits: this figure represents the total number of user sessions.
  • Page views: this figure represents the total number of requested pages.
  • Average page views: this is the average number of pages each visitor looked at.
  • Time on site: this is the average length of time a visitor stays on the site in minutes and seconds.
  • Visitors viewing more than one page: this is the percentage of visitors who visited more than one page on the site.

Availability and essential maintenance

Our aim is to have the Rochdale Borough Council website available for use at all times throughout the year.

We acknowledge this is not always possible due to essential maintenance. We are committed to making our site available as close to 100 per cent as possible.