Street naming and numbering

Fees for naming and numbering

The fees for naming and numbering are:

  • Name and number on an existing street: £29.17 per plot for 1-5 plots. £23.43 per plot for 5 or more plots.
  • Conversion of property type: £58.33
  • Commercial new build and a new name: £57.86 per unit
  • Alterations after an initial consultation: £227.89
  • Add or remove a name from an existing building: £23.90
  • New street name and allocation of numbers on each street: £115.34 per street
  • Rename an existing street: £115.28 plus £10 per house
  • Preparing the plot for postal: £228.35
  • Changing a number on an existing property: £11.94
  • Re-registering an existing property: Free