Report planning breaches

We receive hundreds of reports about suspected planning breaches each year.

Following an investigation, most activities reported to us are found not to require planning permission, to be very minor or trivial in nature, or be related to matters outside of planning legislation.

Therefore, you should read the information on this page carefully before reporting a suspected breach of planning control.

Examples of planning breaches

Examples of matters we can investigate include:

  • Developments without permission
  • Building differently from the approved plans
  • Failing to meet any conditions or limitations attached to planning permission
  • Work to a listed building without consent
  • Work to protected trees without consent
  • Advertising without consent
  • Untidy land or buildings

Breaches we cannot investigate

The following issues are not considered planning breaches and we cannot investigate them:

Before you report a planning breach

Before reporting a planning breach, you should:

How to report a planning breach

You can report a breach in planning regulations using our online form.

You can upload photographs to the form. We would strongly encourage you to provide photographs if it is appropriate as this can significantly speed up the time it takes for us to investigate your report.

We do not accept anonymous reports but your details are kept confidential.

Report a planning breach

Minor or trivial reports

Enforcement action is discretionary and we're required to act proportionately in responding to suspected breaches.

Therefore, an activity that is minor or trivial, or those that could be more appropriately dealt with under other legislation, will be closed following a very brief assessment.