Report a dangerous building

To report a building or structure which you think might:

  • Be in a dangerous condition, or
  • Pose a risk to members of the public

Call 0300 303 8875 to report a dangerous building

Information you need

Where possible, please have the following information ready to give us over the phone:

  • Address or location of the dangerous building - including the postcode
  • Details of your concern - such as a collapsed wall
  • Your name and contact details

Actions we'll take

We'll assess your report to work out whether we need to take any action.

If we think action is necessary, we aim to:

  1. Visit the building within 2 hours of receiving your report to assess whether any emergency action is required to maintain public safety.
  2. Complete a risk assessment of the situation, working with emergency services and contractors.
  3. Where possible, contact the owner to advise them and give them the opportunity to remove the danger themselves.
  4. Make the property safe if emergency action is needed and cannot be resolved by the owner.
  5. If we take action to maintain public safety, we'll recover all reasonable costs from the owner.