Honorary Freemen, Aldermen and Alderwomen

Aldermen and Alderwomen

We can give the title of Honorary Alderman or Honorary Alderwoman to anyone who has, in our opinion, rendered eminent services to the council as a previous member.

The status of an Honorary Alderman and Honorary Alderwoman is purely honorary in acknowledgement of the distinction of the person or in recognition of their previous service. It does not give any special status to attend or address meetings of the council or any committee or sub-committee.

Our power to give these titles is set out in Section 249(5) of the Local Government Act 1972.

List of Honorary Alderman and Alderwomen in Rochdale borough

This table lists the names of Honorary Aldermen and Honorary Alderwomen of the borough and includes the date they were awarded the title.

Name Date of Admission
Mr Tom Bailey 19 October 2022
Mr Mohammed Sharif 19 October 2022
Mr Keith Swift 19 October 2022
Mr Ian Duckworth 19 October 2022
Ms Ann Stott 18 December 2019
Ms Angela Coric 18 December 2019
Ms Patricia Colclough 18 December 2019
Mr Robert Clegg OBE
18 December 2019
Mr Allan Whitehead
26 July 2016
Mr Henry Cyrano West MBE 26 July 2016
Mrs Maureen Rowbotham
26 July 2016
Mr Andrew Neilson 26 July 2016
Mrs Lil Murphy 26 July 2016
Mr James Moran 26 July 2016
Mrs Joan Lyons
26 July 2016
Mrs Jane Gartside 26 July 2016
Mrs Teresa Fitzsimons 26 July 2016
Mr Peter Clegg ​26 July 2016
Mrs Patricia Flynn 2 April 2014​
Mr A J Ryan 18 April 2012
Mrs J B Wright
25 July 2007
Mr R H Stott MBE
25 July 2007