Locations for marriage and civil partnerships

Non-religious ceremonies

Non-religious weddings and civil partnerships are known as civil ceremonies. A civil ceremony is conducted by Register office staff rather than a religious person and the law doesn’t allow any religious music to be played.

You can have a civil ceremony at either a:

  • Register Office
  • Licensed venue

Register Office

You can choose to have a ceremony at any Register Office in England and Wales.

If you're planning a civil ceremony, Rochdale Register Office is an ideal setting. Located on the ground floor of Number One Riverside, the office has its own entrance on the left of the building by the River Roch.

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Seats laid out for a wedding in the Red Rose Suite.

Licensed venue ceremonies

These are venues that have been granted a licence to perform ceremonies. These tend to be stately homes, civic buildings and hotels.

You can have a civil ceremony at any licensed venue, it doesn’t have to be in the borough of Rochdale.

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