Special collections at the library

About special collections at the library

A special collection is a group of items that is different in some way from standard library items. It can be a group of books, digital materials or something else.

We've got a range of special collections in Rochdale borough.

The Maskew Collection

The Maskew Collection is a unique collection of classic literature and philosophy resources available at Rochdale Central Library.

It's named after Mrs Annie Maskew and Mr Frank Maskew who first met in our old Rochdale Library in the 1950s.

When Annie passed away in 2006, she left us a bequest to purchase literature and philosophy resources to inspire future generations in the joy of reading and thinking.

View or reserve a collection

Most of the items in our special collections can be browsed and reserved on our library catalogue. 

You'll need to pick them up at any library in the borough.

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