What to read

Access self-help and mood-boosting books

Books on Prescription

The Books on Prescription service is run by Reading Well. They provide self-help reading for adults for a range of common mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, phobias and some eating disorders.

The books have been recommended by experts. They've been tried and tested and found to be useful by others.

Mood-boosting Books

The Reading Well Mood-boosting Books scheme is a national promotion of uplifting novels, non-fiction and poetry selected by readers. Research shows reading improves mental wellbeing and reduces stress levels by 67% (Mindlab International, 2009) and reading also reduces the risk of dementia by 35% (New England Journal of Medicine).

The Reading-Well Mood-boosting Books are all recommended by different groups of people, including people affected by cancer, young people and older people.