Library fines

Fines for overdue, lost or damaged library items

These are the fines for library items that are overdue, lost or damaged.

  • Adults: overdue fine for each book or audiobook is 30p a day.
  • Books on Prescription scheme: you do not pay fines on any overdue books. However, please return items when you've finished them, so others can borrow them.
  • Maximum fine: £15 an item.
  • Under 18 years of age: no charge for overdue items.
  • Lost or damaged book: £3 admin fee in addition to the cost of the book. There's no charge for damaged children's books if borrowed on a child's library card.
  • Lost or damaged audiobook: £2.10 admin fee in addition to the cost of the audiobook.

Paying your fine

You can pay a library fine at any library in the borough. You'll need your library membership card and you can pay by cash or cheque.

Please make cheques payable to Rochdale Borough Council.