Local land charges search

Types of search and fees

LLC1 search

Fee: £21

An LLC1 search contains any charges, restrictions or prohibitions registered with us. Everything listed on this search will transfer to you if you buy the property or land.

CON29 search

Fee: £115 without VAT, £159 with VAT. This search includes the LLC1 search fees.

A CON29 search contains information about road schemes, planning and building control history as well as any legal notices that may affect the property or land.

CON29 optional search

Fee: £30 without VAT, £36 with VAT

You can ask for a CON29 additional in addition to the CON29 search. This includes all the planning application proposals we've received for the property or land. It also includes any restrictions to connecting or adjacent properties and land.

Common land search

Fee: £20 without VAT, £24 with VAT

This will let you know whether the land you'd like to buy is registered as common land. Everyone has the right to access common land even if you own it. More about common land on GOV.UK.

Water search

A water report will tell you what pipes and drainage systems are in, around or under the land or property you want to buy.

You can ask United Utilities to conduct a water search for you.

Coal mining search

A coal mining search will give information about coal mining activity near the land you want to buy.

You can ask The Coal Authority to conduct a coal mine search for you.