Local land charges search

About the local land charges register

We update and maintain our local land charges register.

The register holds information about:

  • Planning permissions or conditions which will affect your use of the property or land.
  • Financial charges or debts which you'll become liable for if you buy the land.
  • Proposals to build new infrastructure in the surrounding areas, such as a new road or train track.
  • Trees on the property that are protected by a Tree Preservation Order.
  • Who maintains the road and footpath outside the property.
  • Whether the property is a Listed Building.
  • If the house or land is in a conservation area.

Benefits of a local land charge search

When you buy a property or a piece of land, you should carry out a local land charge search so you can find out if any issues are affecting the land or property.

A local land charge search prevents you from buying a piece of land or property without knowing about the restrictions, charges or obligations that come with it.