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What is NHS RightCare?

NHS RightCare is a national NHS England supported programme committed to delivering the best care to patients, making the NHS's money go as far as possible and improving patient outcomes. The NHS RightCare programme is about improving population-based healthcare through focusing on value and reducing unwarranted variation.

Ensuring people access the right care, in the right place at the right time means the NHS can treat more people effectively, now and in the future.

The RightCare programme

The approach has been tested and proven successful in recent years in a number of different health economies. As a programme it focuses relentlessly on value, increasing quality and releasing funds for reallocation to address future demand.

Using leading edge medical evidence and practical support helps local health economies understand how money is spent to deliver the best care in different parts of the country.

There are 3 strands to the RightCare programme: intelligence, innovation and implementation. The intelligence products use data to demonstrate variations and performance. Innovation is driven through working in partnership with a wide range of organisations, programmes and groups to test new concepts and influence policy.

Implementation is carried out using a 3 stage systematic methodology of 'Where to look', 'What to change' and 'How to change' in order to process service redesign.

Information on RightCare

  • NHS RightCare website - the RightCare website features a host of intelligence products that help to deliver the above aims of the programme. These include Clinical Commissioning Group data packs on mental health, long term conditions and focus packs, atlases of care variation, RightCare Pathways and long term condition scenarios.