Early Years Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Health in early years

What does good health at the age of 5 look like?

We describe a healthy 5-year-old as a child who:

  • Has had all their vaccinations
  • Is a healthy weight
  • Has healthy teeth with no cavities
  • Is ready to learn

A range of other health outcomes is also monitored in the early years of life in order to for us to track and improve the health and wellbeing of young children in the borough. This includes outcomes such as accidents and non-intentional injuries, hospital admissions, infant mortality, low birth weight and oral health.

What factors can impact health in children up to the age of 5?

Accidents are preventable events, yet they remain a major cause of bad health and serious disability in children. We need to lower the number of injuries happening as a result of accidents in the borough. We can do this at a low cost through parental education and local coordination.

Good oral health is essential for children’s overall health and wellbeing. Tooth decay is almost always preventable but is high in children who live in deprived areas.

Statistics on health for children up to the age of 5

Guidance for child health in children up to the age of 5

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