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In the borough of Rochdale, 7.02 per cent of respondents reported a low happiness score in the self-reported wellbeing component of the 2022 Annual Population Survey run by the Office for National Statistics.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is about your welfare, relationships and how you feel in body and mind. It refers to our quality of life, considers both our physical and mental health and the wider communities we live in.

The Wellbeing and Development group based at Bath University see wellbeing as a combination of:

  • What a person has
  • What a person can do with what they have
  • How they think about what they have and can do

Wellbeing is measured using standardised questionnaires. In other words, people are asked for their views about aspects of wellbeing such as their life satisfaction, happiness and how worthwhile they feel.

An important element of analysing wellbeing is a focus not only on objective measures of health but also people's own perceptions and life experiences.

Why is good wellbeing important?

People use fewer services and are healthier if they have good wellbeing. Here wellbeing covers taking charge of your own life and health. Wellbeing is about what people can do and be. It goes beyond the material, such as how deprived they are, to consider their personal and social relations and their subjective views.

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