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Substance misuse

Between 2018–2021 the standardised rate for hospital admissions in the Rochdale borough due to substance misuse was 79.3 per 100,000 people aged 15–24. This is statistically similar to the England rate of 76.6 (Hospital Episode Statistics, 2021).

Impacts of substance misuse

Young adults are often exposed to illegal drugs. Initial usage and experimentation during teenage years is commonplace and does sometimes lead to problems that can continue into adulthood. A person's drug use can significantly affect their families, friends, communities and society.

These substances can range from drugs such as heroin, cocaine and cannabis to new psychoactive substances, image and performance-enhancing drugs as well as misuse of prescribed and over the counter medicines.

Health inequalities relating to substance misuse are evident, with vulnerable groups, such as those excluded from school, young offenders and care leavers far more likely to experience substance misuse problems.

What action can we take to help?

Planning is key to addressing the harms, costs and burden on public services from drug misuse. Identifying drug misuse and intervening early can build resilience, reduce risks and help avoid further health and social harms and dependence.

Investing in effective prevention, treatment and recovery interventions is essential to tackle the harm that drugs can cause, help users overcome their dependency, reduce involvement in crime, sustain their recovery, and enable them to make a positive contribution to their family and community.

Statistics on substance misuse

Guidance and information on substance misuse