Claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

Information for landlords

Housing Benefit payments will normally be paid to your tenant. However, in specific circumstances, you can be paid directly instead.

If we decide to pay you directly, we'll send you a notification letter which will advise:

  • When payments will start and how much Housing Benefit your tenant will get each week
  • If their Housing Benefit award changes or ends 
  • If we're deducting an amount from their ongoing Housing Benefit award to recover an overpayment

Your responsibilities

Where you receive direct Housing Benefit payments:

  • You must tell us immediately if you're aware of any changes in the circumstances of any of your tenants that may affect their benefit - for example, you need to tell us if your tenant moves out of the property even if they're still liable for the rent at the property
  • We expect you to make regular checks to confirm your tenant is still living at the property

Information we can give you

If your tenant gives us permission to share information with you and we're paying you the benefit directly, we'll be able to discuss certain information with you.

For example, if we've received a claim and when the next payment is due.