Primary school home learning resources

Read and write using phonics - Key Stage 1

During the first few years in school children spend a lot of time on phonics. This is a method of learning to read and write by breaking words down into sounds.

Focusing on hearing and saying all sounds in words as you talk with your child can help them with their phonics. If appropriate encourage your child to speak in full sentences and to pronounce words correctly, such as ‘water’ instead of ‘waer’ (stressing the ‘t’ sound).

Devote time to talking about things that interest you both. Encourage children to read and write for worthwhile reasons and talk about what they have read and written. For example, reading emails from school and writing messages to friends.

Online lessons and activities for phonics

There are 2 phonic programmes taught in schools. Either 'letters and sounds' or 'Ruth Miskin'.

You should check with your school and use online lessons and activities at home that match the programme your child is doing at school.