Waste Collection Policies

Waste Collection Policies

Find out how we'll collect your waste and how to design new developments so we can collect waste.

How we'll collect your waste

Our Waste Collection Policy details how we'll collect your rubbish and recycling. It outlines:

  • How many bins you're entitled to.
  • How often your waste and recycling will be collected.
  • When you can get help putting your bins out.
  • What to do if your bin collection was missed.
  • What happens if you've incorrect items in your recycling bins.

How to design new developments so we can collect waste

The Developer's Waste Collection Policy contains everything developers need to consider to ensure we're able to collect waste safely. You can also use this policy if you're designing or building your own house.

The Developer's Waste Collection Policy includes:

  • What bin storage a house or block of flats needs.
  • How much a set of bins is for a new build.
  • How wide streets need to be so our collection vehicles can get down and turn around if necessary.
  • The weight road surfaces need to be able to withstand.
  • Other considerations, such as safe stopping areas, dropped kerbs and collection points.
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1 August 2015
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