COVID-19: guidance for taxi drivers and operators

If you or any of your customers get symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or a positive test for COVID-19 you should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

Hygiene and safety advice

Follow this hygiene and safety advice to help keep you and your customers safer.

  • You should have disposable tissues with you to catch coughs and sneezes.
  • You should wash your hands before and after you get into your vehicle and before you touch a customer’s luggage.
  • Where possible, keep the windows open when there is a passenger in the vehicle to help with ventilation.
  • You may wish to request customers sit in the back of your vehicle if you only have one or 2 customers.
  • Switch off the air conditioning or set it to avoid recycling air within the vehicle to a setting that brings fresh air in and enables air changes to take place. 
  • It's good practice to display posters in the booking office such as relating to hand hygiene. View Public Health England coronavirus posters and office resources.
  • Follow the government's workplace guidance on working safely
  • How to wash your hands.

Cleaning your vehicle and disposing of waste

Here's some advice to help you clean your vehicle and get rid of your waste safely.

  • You should frequently clean your vehicle thoroughly using wipes or disinfectant spray. Make sure you clean the surfaces your customers are likely to touch, such as door handles and seat belt clips.
  • You should clean the areas of the vehicle you touch as often as possible, this includes door handles, steering wheel, handbrake and switches.
  • If you share your vehicle with another driver, you should clean the inside thoroughly before the next driver gets in.
  • Store any personal waste, such as tissues and cleaning wipes in disposable rubbish bags. Each driver should ensure they use a new disposable rubbish bag each shift.
  • If your vehicle has been used by someone displaying COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed case, then you should decontaminate, by cleaning and disinfecting the vehicle and ventilating it thoroughly before use.  
  • You should regularly wash or sanitise your hands.

Business support and guidance

The government is offering several different schemes which may help you.