Household Support 2022

Get food vouchers

For the May half-term holiday 2022, and the 6-week summer holiday 2022, we'll be providing food vouchers.


Children who are registered with us as being eligible for income-based free school meals are eligible for the food vouchers. Some groups of children who are supported by our Children's Services will also be eligible to receive a voucher.

If your child goes to a school outside of the borough, you won't receive a voucher from us. These, or an alternative, should be given by the school your child goes to.

How to apply

You don't need to apply. We'll send out vouchers for all children who are entitled.

How it works

If your child goes to a school in the borough of Rochdale, the school will issue the vouchers on our behalf. If your child goes to a nursery or childminders in the borough of Rochdale, we'll issue the vouchers to them. The nurseries and childminder should have given us their contact information and told us who should get the vouchers.

How you'll get the vouchers

In most cases, you'll get an email or text with instructions on how to get your vouchers. If you've got both an email account and a mobile phone you'll receive both an email and a text.

If you don't have either a mobile phone or email account, the school will be able to provide you with vouchers.

You may receive a voucher in the post and can use this directly in the supermarket it is for.

Help accessing the vouchers