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Children missing education

​​​​​​This guidance outlines Rochdale Borough Council’s systems for identifying and maintaining contact with children missing from education and steps being taken to identify those at risk.

In accordance with guidance, a child missing from education is defined as someone of compulsory school age who is not on a school roll, not being educated otherwise (for example: at home, in independent schools or in alternative provision) or who has been out of any educational provision for four weeks or more.

There are a number of reasons why children fall out of the education system, including when they:

  • Fail to start appropriate provision and hence never enter the system;
  • Cease to attend, failing to return after exclusion or withdrawal; or
  • Fail to complete a transition between providers (for example: after moving to a new Local Authority).

Difficulties can also arise when children enter or leave provision where information is not routinely exchanged (e.g. between Independent Schools, Voluntary Organisations), where arrangements straddle more than one local authority and where moves are between different countries.

Children Missing Education Protocol (CME) (548kb pdf)

Summary Guidance Notes on applying the local procedures (291kb pdf)

Procedures for Non Arrivals September 2014 (60kb pdf)

Procedures for Allocation Non Arrivals September 2014 (122kb pdf)

Removal from School Roll Guidelines - Follow-up (151kb pdf)

If you would like more information or to make a referral please contact our main number 01706 925072 and ask for the CME officer or send a written referral to: