Extended schooling provision

Activities available

Extended schools provide a varied range of activities for your child, such as:

  • Study support  - children who are falling behind their peers will receive extra support to help them catch up. Those who are doing particularly well will be offered more challenging work to stretch them further.
  • Activities and interests - children will be able to pursue special interests or try out new things. This could include chess, fencing, language classes, sports, music drama, arts, business and enterprise activities or other special interests.
  • Play and recreation - opportunities to relax, play games and make friends.
  • Volunteering - opportunities to get out and help the local community or get experience in a certain area.
  • Additional help and support - many schools now work closely with health, housing and social services to offer additional help to children and young people when they need it. This can include those with behavioural, emotional and health needs. Through links with local agencies and voluntary organisations, schools can identify who needs help and organise it as quickly as possible.