Roadworks in Rochdale borough

We carry out roadworks as part of the essential repair and improvement of our roads. Public utility companies also carry out roadworks to maintain essential gas, water, electricity and phone services.

Some of these works may require the use of temporary traffic lights or temporary road closures.

Search for roadworks

You can search for the current and planned road closures and restrictions in Rochdale borough.

Search for roadworks

Map of roadworks in Greater Manchester

You can view roadworks taking place across Greater Manchester on a map. 

The map also gives details about the roadworks, including how long the works are expected to last, which organisation is carrying out the works and contact details for that organisation.

You can customise the map by selecting the 'filter' button at the top left of the map. You can also zoom in on a particular area, select a start date and more.

Map of roadworks taking place across Greater Manchester

Motorway restrictions

Highways England is responsible for roadworks and restrictions that take place on motorways.

You can check for roadworks and traffic on their website.

Roadworks on motorways

Permanent restrictions

We sometimes introduce restrictions on the highway permanently. Examples of these can include speed limits, parking restrictions, weight restrictions, one-way streets and loading bays.

You can view the restrictions we're planning before we introduce them and send us your comments either against or in support of them.

View proposed permanent restrictions