Road safety cameras and performance

Using road cameras to enforcing speed limits is an important part of keeping the roads safe.

For some motorists, it's the risk of being caught and getting a penalty that is most effective at preventing them from speeding.

Locations of cameras

The overall control of all the safety cameras in Rochdale borough is the responsibility of Drivesafe, the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership.

We're a partner of the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership and support the accident-reduction benefits of the safety camera programme.

View locations of safety cameras in Greater Manchester

Watch live footage

You can watch live traffic camera footage on the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

Watch live traffic cameras in Greater Manchester

Request a safety camera

You can request a road safety camera if you think one is needed. You'll need to give us the street name or the area you think needs a camera when you make your request.

Contact us using the details on this page to request a road safety camera.


The most up to date accident records and statistics for Rochdale borough are provided to us by the Highways Forecasting and Analytical Services (HFSA) and are available for you to view.