What is selective licensing for private rented properties?

Selective licensing has not yet been introduced across the borough of Rochdale.

What is selective licensing?

Local authorities have the power to selectively licence any privately rented properties in designated areas suffering from low housing demand and/or significant and persistent antisocial behaviour. Local authorities must follow the legal process which includes:

  • Identifying the contribution that the private rented sector is making to problems of low housing demand or antisocial behaviour in the area.
  • Considering whether any other course of action to deal with the problem is available and whether selective licensing is a course of action that will be successful in combining the problems that exist.
  • Ensuring the scheme is consistent with the local housing strategy.
  • Consulting with those likely to be affected including tenants, landlords, landlord organisations and others in the local community.

A selective licensing scheme does not come into effect until 3 months after it is made and may last for up to 5 years.