Housing standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

HMO standards – glossary of terms

  • Shared use - where one or more basic amenities (personal washing, toilet or kitchen) are shared by 2 or more households.
  • Exclusive use - where a basic amenity is provided for the use of a single household.
  • Single household - person(s) of the same family group, this includes an individual living on their own, an individual living in a group is also regarded as a single household.
  • Family - includes husband, wife, partner, child, stepchild, step parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, niece, cousin, foster child.
  • Unit of living accommodation - part of the HMO occupied by a single household, this includes bedrooms in shared houses or flats, bedsitting rooms, self contained flats (all basic amenities provided for exclusive use of that household).
  • Hostel - where board is provided as part of the occupation and it constitutes a persons only or main place of residence. Hostel includes bed and breakfast and hotel accommodation used by persons as their only and main residence which is  a house in multiple occupation.