Bridges and highway structures

Report a problem

Please report any problems to us.

What kind of problems should I report?

Please report problems such as:

  • Damaged fencing
  • Undermining of bridge supports by water
  • Debris blocking water flow
  • Damage to retaining walls from traffic accidents

How do I report a problem?

To report a problem with a bridge or highway structure:

  1. Fill in the bridge and highway structure report form.
  2. Email your completed form to us at
  3. We aim to get in touch with you within 10 working days of receiving your form to update you on our progress.

Complete the bridge and highway structures form

What happens next?

We'll investigate the problem and:

  • If we own and maintain the structure, we'll ensure it's made safe until we can carry out permanent repairs.
  • If we do not own the structure and it's an immediate danger to the public, we'll make it safe then pursue the owners to carry out any further repairs and repay us for the maintenance work.