Developing Well Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Vulnerable young people

The role of JSNA in identifying inequalities

One of the key components of the JSNA is to identify inequalities in health and wellbeing experienced by different population groups in the local authority area. Much like in our adult population, it is important that we identify groups of young people who are potentially vulnerable and therefore exposed to more risk compared to their peers.

The importance of supporting our vulnerable children and young people

All children deserve to grow up free from harm and in a stable and nurturing home environment, with the same opportunities to succeed as every other child. However, our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children need more intensive support to have the stable foundation that others take for granted.

The needs of children who are vulnerable and in need of support are addressed locally within a multi-agency framework whereby agencies work together to provide effective early help.

Statistics on vulnerable children and young people

Local policies and strategies on vulnerable children

Guidance on vulnerable young people