Open data

Data we publish

We publish financial and other data showing how the council operates. Not all of the data we intend to share is openly available yet, and not all of our openly available data is in the best format yet. But we are working on it and we're committed to sharing as much as we can right now.

You can access the following Rochdale Borough Council data sets online:

  • Article 4
  • Business Rates - this data includes all business properties, with the property description and rateable value. It also identifies liable parties, those receiving rate relief and liability start date.
  • Constitution
  • Contaminated land determined site
  • Contract register​
  • Council spending
  • Fraud data
  • Grant register
  • Greenspaces Unitary Development Plan (UDP) June 2006
  • Invitation to tender
  • Land and property assets
  • Parking data
  • Pay Multiple and Pay Policy Statement
  • Payments to councillors
  • Procurement card transactions
  • Public health funerals
  • Purchase order transactions
  • Regeneration areas Unitary Development Plan (UDP) June 2006
  • Rochdale Borough Council Trade Union Facility Time
  • Social housing asset value
  • Strategic industrial locations Unitary Development Plan (UDP) June 2006
  • Town, district and local centre boundaries Unitary Development Plan (UDP) June 2006
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Waste contract
  • Website performance